About Marisa

Marisa Bohlmann is a graphic designer at Boston-based firm Continuum, where she creates digital-physical brand experiences informed by real human needs. Her work is diverse, ranging from employee experience to conventional identities, and is united by her passion for storytelling‚ÄĒcombining digital graphics with mixed media to find the right balance of strategic and human expression.

Outside her project work, she leads a number of internal Continuum culture initiatives, art directs event communications on the board of AIGA Boston, and experiments with laser-cut typography at the Autodesk Build Space.

Marisa previously spent time in her home state of NY, designing at companies such as Lippincott, CSA, Tom Ford and Viacom. She has a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of the Arts. She minored in web design, giving her the skillset to flex into UX/UI projects. She was the recipient of a Senior Thesis Citation Award for her conceptual app about non-verbal communication.

Please get in touch or ask her about her vinyl record collection.
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